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Royce Kinniebrew will fight for his constituents in Congress

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Serving his community first

“A community is only as successful as its schools" Increased funding for schools would allow for wraparound services for parents, additional social workers, and additional professional development for educators in social and emotional learning and trauma-informed care.

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Reproductive Freedom

Royce believes that reproductive health care should be between a woman, her family, and her doctor. The Dobbs decision given by the right-wing leaning Supreme Court has taken a right that was codified in law over 50 years ago. IVF is now under attack and extremist Republicans are to blame.

The Gaza War

Royce believes that America must support its allies. Israel has the right to protect itself from foreign invaders and those who wish to do it harm. Additionally, Israel must do so in a manner that adheres to the rules of war and that minimizes casualties of innocent men, women, and children.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Royce believes in fixing America’s broken immigration policy. In 2016, The Obama and Biden administration had crossings at the southern border down at its lowest point in 50 years at that point. Even though the Trump administration had a Republican-led House of Representatives and Senate, they did not pass comprehensive immigration reform policies.

Civic Education and Engagement

Royce believes that all Americans should be engaged in the political process. As a former social studies teacher, he thinks that there is a connection between low voter turnout and civic education.

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Latest Campaign Developments

So much is happening right now.


Royce Kinniebrew Files his FEC paperwork


Committee to Elect Royce Kinniebrew starts accepting donation through ActBlue


Royce releases his official announcement video


Students Lives Matter

Royce Supports Young People

He has done over 100 student programs and assemblies over the past two years to teach success strategies across the local area.

Topics relating to trauma, mental health, and anxiety are most sought after by parents and school staff for their students.

Federal agency workforce development

Royce knows federal agencies

Royce is an outsider with insider experience. He has been a facilitator for the National Training Institute for an organization called Blacks in Government (BIG) for over ten years.

He has trained thousands of federal employees in topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Black History Advocate

Keynote Lecturer

Royce has given keynote lectures on Black History topics at federal agencies like the Department of Justice, ATF, and NASA.

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